Professional Barns & Metal Roofs Painting Contractor

Professional Barns & Metal Roofs Painting Contractor

Leesburg & Loudoun County, VA.

Looking for affordable, licensed & insured local metal roof painters? Based in Leesburg VA, Boyer Cook Painting is a “Family Owned & Operated” painting company in operation since 2003. We specialize in repainting metal roofs for industrial buildings, warehouses and residences.

How we paint your metal roof

Any new metal roof should not be painted for at least six months. This gives the new roof time to weather. It is critical to first completely clean the roof. This is done with a commercial power washer that will remove grime, mildew, dirt and any loose paint from the original paint job or unfinished metal. Then the appropriate paint must be selected. When painting a bare metal roof or repainting a previously painted roof, an acrylic latex paint is usually recommended. An oil-based alkyd paint and a galvanized metal primer like Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl Universal Acrylic Primer may also be used. Some metal roofing paint considerations may be cost, color selection, moisture resistance, UV reflectivity, fire resistance characteristics. The paint application to very steep or high metal roofs may be via spryer using multiple coats. In some cases, corrugated metal roofing may be painted using special rollers and paint brushes.

Why hire us for your metal roof painting project?

· Deal with local owners based in Leesburg, VA. Since 2003

· Affordable written quotes for homeowners, realtors, businesses

· Color matching and color selection, expert advice

· Special metal roof formulations, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams

· We take care of drywall, carpentry, trim & molding work

· Licensed & insured painters in VA

· Pay by Check, VISA, or PayPal

Service area metal roof painting

Our painting services cover Loudoun County and Northern Fairfax CountyVA. Leesburg, Lansdown, Purcellville, Ashburn, Aldie, Sterling, Broadlands, Brambleton, Round Hill, Lovettsville, Hamilton, Potomac Falls, Belmont, Dulles, Luckett’s, Hillsboro, Waterford, Middelburg.

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